Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ava's Birthday Weekend....

Okay, so wow what a weekend for a birthday party.  I have learned not to ever plan for anything outside because it will snow 8".  We had to move the party to Sunday, and I have great family and friends that did not mind the change at all.  Lucky for me that Ava is only 2, and did not know the difference.  As for me... my hormones got the best of me and had a break-down Saturday afternoon because I was so upset to have to change it.  My mom always says that stuff like this always makes for a good story later.  Ava's birthday ended up being great, and she had a wonderful time!!

We all had a great time playing in the snow, and I'm glad my family from Texas got to witness some of this crazy Oklahoma weather.  Snowing all day one day, and beautiful sunshine and 60 degrees the next.  

Ava's Cousins
Glad I'm adding a girl to this group.... LOL!!

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Dawn said...

I'm laughing at how big her eyes are in the picture of her eating her cake! LOL! Too cute!!

I'm glad the party went well even with the all the snow!

She looked adorable in her little birthday outfit!