Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Digital 2 Class....

Well, I have started part II of my photography journey. Our class is going to be great. It's a small class, and my friend Dawn is in it with me. We met in my first class, and found out that she lives in Owasso, and knows the Kight family.
So, in our first class we went out in the windy cold weather, and took pictures down in Tulsa. It was AWESOME!! We learned so much the first night, and these pictures were taken without a flash!! I thought they turned out pretty good!! I'm so excited to learn more.....

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Beautiful Weather....

It has been so beautiful in Oklahoma for the last couple of weeks. I had to take advantage of the awesome leaves at Grandma Gwens. Ava and her friend Kade had so much fun playing in the leaves!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

My Little Ladybug....

Well, I'm going to overload you with pictures. We had such an exciting Halloween this year, and Ava was a ladybug. Isn't she just so cute in this outfit!?!

Nana brought Ava this pumpkin so that they could carve it together. She kept trying to pick it up, and look how she finally started carrying it. I think she takes after her father in strength.

If this pumpkin were a stuffed animal, she would carry it with her all the time. She kept giving him kisses. It was so cute!!

Nana let her get her hands all down in the pumpkin, and Ava was picking the seeds out one at a time. I definitely have a little girl on my hands.

First of all, I love trick-or-treating in my neighborhood. It is so awesome, and our neighbors are so great!!
Okay, so us crazy women pile on this golf cart, and take off to go trick-or-treating. What great fun to have Grams and Nana to go with us. Grams hooked us up with all of the glow bracelets, and necklaces. We set off to the first house, and by the third house Ava was a pro. Her little basket around her arm, and prancing to the door. Someone would lean down to say how cute she was, and Ava would start taking candy, and putting it in her bag. She really had so much fun, and so did we watching her as she pranced around!! The weather was perfect, and I was feeling like a kid again too. I just love this time of year!!