Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Great Wolf Lodge.....

We went to the Great Wolf Lodge this past weekend for my nephews birthday, and had an AMAZING time.  If you don't know what the Great Wolf Lodge is- here is a run down.  It's a beautiful hotel that has an indoor water park.  It has an outdoor lodge feel, and it gives kids an opportunity to learn about nature.   Ava was like a little fish out there!!  She had so much fun, and I have no words to describe the smile on her face or joy in her eyes.   She has no fear of the water, and she was in her own little world.  She taught other kids twice her age to go down the water slide backwards.  She was so fun to watch, and you will be able to tell with these pictures my mom took.  Thanks mom!!!

Evan, Zane, and Ava eating birthday cake.
By 8:00 at story time Ava was out!!  She just could not stay awake!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Going to be a BIG SISTER....

     Well, we are very excited to announce that Ava is going to be a "Big Sister."  I am now 3 months pregnant, and due at the end of August.  I'm actually looking forward to the summer pregnancy.  I will wear flip-flops all the time, and I will live in my neighbors pool.  Get ready girls, here comes the whale!! LOL!!  
     To answer everyone's question on:  Have you been sick?  The answer is:  YES!!!  Haven't felt good in 2 months, and this is the worse part about being pregnant.  I don't think I have ever been this lazy in my life.  I know Andy is ready for me to get my energy back.  And running to the nearest place that has a trash can or sink to gag or puck.  GROSS!!   AND....I already have a little belly.  YES...ALREADY!!
    Well, I will keep you posted on everything, and hopefully we will find out what we are having soon!!  OH, and the T-shirt that Ava has on is how we told the family that I was pregnant.  They were so shocked.  It was awesome!!